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Julia Pullman

I have been going to see Dr Xie for over ten years now. He has treated me for a variety of problems including a shoulder injury, anxiety, a torn muscle and plantar fasciitis. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr Xie and his methods: acupuncture, qi gong and herbal medicine. I have not needed to see a GP since being in his care. He is a highly professional practitioner and puts you so at ease. If I could afford it I would have acupuncture every day for the rest of my life. Give it a go, you'll never look back.

Yuhong is one of the best Acupuncturists in the UK. Ive been treated by many who are highly rated within TCM and by those who treat celebrities etc over the last 15 years and I feel very fortunate to have met Yuhong. His recent treatment (just one of many i've had from him) worked for my neck/shoulder pain in one session and I slept so well afterwards.

What is awesome about Yuhong is that he is a QiGong/Taiji master too (he teaches all over the world) and he can literally use 'Qi' to enhance each treatment. This is very rare within TCM today and you have to experience it to understand the difference it makes. Its amazing. He is so humble and absolute gold. I highly recommend him. Thanks so much Yuhong.!!

I have always suffered with bad period pain and heavy bleeding. I have completed one course of herbal medicine from Chinese Doctor and I'm just beginning another. With his help my pain and general discomfort in my abdomen area has greatly improved, I have more energy and I feel my overall health is much better. Very friendly, approachable and personal.

I pulled a muscle in my shoulder in the gym. After which I was unable to move and in a lot of pain. It hurt when I coughed and laughed and hadn't been getting any better in over a couple of weeks. I saw Dr Yuhong who did a session on me using Tuina massage. I was able to keep fully clothed through out the treatment and he pressed certain points along my back and shoulder. I found the treatment to be relaxing and after felt somewhat better straight away. The following morning when I woke up the pain was gone completely and I felt great. I was delighted with the treatment and would definitely recommend him.

Dr Yuhong is absolutely amazing. I had two treatments for pain with Dr Yuhong and each time he only used one needle. After two treatments I was 100% better. I would recommend Dr Yuhong to all.

Since I having acupuncture and Chinese herbs treatment my irritable bowel problem appear to have gone away.

I have eaten food (bread and chips) that previously would have upset me. I have had No stomach cramps or diarrhoea.

My appetite has returned and I feel so much better.

Christine Rowlands

12 May 2017

Dr Xie is an excellent Acupuncturist, Tuina and Qi Gong Master. I have learnt a lot from him as a student when he comes and teaches at Shulan College. I have observed him closely as he treats many patients and all of them always leave a wonderful and positive feedback. Some treatments may only require one session but more treatments are needed depending on the severity of the illnesses. I highly recommend Dr Xie and put my full confidence in him.

I have been studying and practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Dr. Xie for about 7 years, I have also consulted him about various health issues and had acupuncture treatments.

I can't really put into words what I have learned and gained from my time spent but a few things I can mention are :

Practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong (Breathing combined with stretches and movements) has improved my posture, my balance (physical and emotional) and my flexibility.

Once you have learned and remembered the forms, you can truly start to practice and feel the flow in the movements of both Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Its' beautiful forms and poses link together with your breathing and you can express the form in your own personal way.

It is very satisfying.

Dr. Xie is a kind and patient teacher, he is generous with his time and his knowledge, I value him as a friend and teacher and I would highly recommend attending a seminar or class if you can, and meeting a powerfully positive, happy and caring Doctor.

I have had back ache for more than 20 years. Even when I mop the floor, unload dishes from dish washer. 

2 months ago, Dr. Xie used floating needle to treat my back ache. I found that my back is not very tight, I do not feel back ache as much as before. Thank you very much, Dr. Xie!

Dr Xie has been a great help to me over the last year with my metastatic cancer and a lot of Chi deficiencies. Though I may not have been the easiest of patients, I trust doctor Xie's opinion and always take his suggestions on-board when deciding what I feel is right for me. And this is great about dr Xie, he listens to my problems and helps in resolving all the issues instead of treating me as just another "hospital number". Even though I live in London I am happy to travel to his clinic because it means more to me to have a service I can trust than having it locally. Dr Xie always has time to talk about my issues in depth and is open to looking at new ways of dealing with them. I can't speak highly enough of the support that he has given me. Also his medical qigong skills are just pristine! I strongly consider him to be one of the best in the world!

I had bad plantur flaciaitis so far great!

Kevin Ludick

I have known Dr Xie Yuhong for 13 years and Studied Qigong under his Guidance. I have taken my students to train under Dr Xie and receive acupuncture and magic Needle treatment I had a back muscle problem and friend a shoulder injury. Dr Xie fixed us both with needles and herbs he provided. It's been about a month and a bit since we had the treatment and still no problem again. I will recommend Dr Xie any time.

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