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Dr. Xie (PhD & Medical Doctor) is the first to apply the theory and practice of Qi, Zhen and Daoyin (that is Qigong, Acupuncture and Dao Yin) to Chinese medical treatment, based on his clinical experience for over twenty years.

Qizhen (Qi needles) consists of Qi Zhi Zhen(using finger with Qi as needle),Qi Hao Zhen (Qi on normal acupuncture needle) and Qi Fu Zhen (Qi on special needle). This unique clinical treatment method uses external Qigong healing in acupuncture and Tuina (Chinese medical massage). The effects are commendable. Daoyin (guiding energy) means the doctor or practitioner emits Qi onto the affected area to promote the patient’s Qi and blood circulation, and also guides the patient to practice specific medical Qigong exercise which assists in identifying and healing diseases.

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